Friday, August 03, 2012


Since my books delve into various aspects of BDSM, I feel a sense of responsibility to those who read them. I call them Orsini Cross Legs and Squeeze Reads because that is exactly what I hope every reader does while lost in the worlds I create, but I have no idea what happens after they read that last page. Will a woman find a place on her bookshelf for UNDENIABLE then search for another erotic vampire romance or will she turn on her laptop and lurk on forums for those who sink fake fangs into their lovers’ necks? The effect of my books came to light when a fan emailed that while reading NO ONE BUT MADISON, she discovered her submissive side. She read the book to her husband, a chapter a night, and by the time they were done…well, let’s just say they are now part of the BDSM scene.
Bondage played a large role in TANNER’S ANGEL. Damn, I crossed my legs and squeezed while writing it. Yes, I do hope that countless bedposts in my readers’ homes now bear a subtle wear in the wood from rope scraping away the once pristine finish. But did I clearly explain the joys of bondage? The risks? Have I unwittingly left out vital precautions? The book is done, published, out of my hands. And so, here, I will try to help those readers who have decided to give in to a desire I believe we all harbor
The joy of bondage is simple. With no control, no way to lead your lover, you are completely at his mercy. Where will that first touch land? What will he do? Will he stand and gaze down at you for countless minutes? Drag those calloused hands up your thighs? Draw a nipple into his hot mouth?  Every single nerve ending anticipates his next move. Unable to move, you are a slave to his desires and your body’s reactions. With no need to reciprocate, no need to wonder what you should do to him while he pleasures you, your mind and senses can focus fully on your own pleasure. Each kiss, each touch experienced in a way you never imagined possible. And when that orgasm begins to build, moving higher, feeling stronger than ever before, the urge to shift away or charge forward will have no power because…he holds the reigns. You have no control. You can moan, tugs on those ropes, beg, but in your mind, you know only your lover has the power to toss you over that ledge or not.  Men are greedy beasts so, after that first orgasm, you may realize that, for him, foreplay has just begun. As I already mentioned, you and every erogenous zone you possess is at his mercy.
Now, I must drag you away from any fantasies clouding your vision. Delving into bondage uneducated can lead to embarrassing or dangerous situations.  Never leave your bound partner alone. Never. Also, if your lover plans on tying you up, insist that he have a pair of blunt tipped scissors handy. In fact, go to the nearest drug store and buy bandage scissors. Steer clear of pantyhose and silk scarves or ties. They are more prone to cinching tighter as you tug. I recommend leather locking cuffs. Wipe any thoughts of your lover feeding you a strawberry or any other food while you’re bound. Imagine choking and waiting for your panicked lover to untie you. Tie nothing around your neck. If you want a blindfold to further restrict your senses, ensure whatever you use does not cover your nose. Pay attention to any signs of discomfort. Tingling in your hands and feet means loss of circulation. If your arms are stretched too high above your head or your legs are too wide apart, say something. That little ache will grow worse with time. Nothing should interfere with your pleasure.. As with all forms of BDSM, pick a safe word. I know. You feel no need for one while dipping into bondage with someone you trust. Have you ever said ‘no’ or ‘stop’ while in the midst of passion when you really mean ‘yes’ or ‘more’? Pick a safe word.
Most important of all, before delving into this wondrous world, read all you can about bondage safety and guidelines. Scan the internet. Visit forums. Drop into a store that caters to the BDSM community or check out a local fetish fair. Lifestylers love giving advice to newbies. This blog only touches the surface and in no way holds all you need for a safe and enjoyable experience.