Monday, June 12, 2006

Continuation of My May Post on

Leaning over the spanking bench, I discover my readers have stolen all my toys. Although a radiant glow of heat now covers both cheeks of my butt, the loss of my toys leaves me cold and unable to enjoy Drake's attention.

Madison leans over. "What's up? One minute you're into this and the next you're not."

"They took my toys."

Madison drops to her knees. "All of them?"

All I can do is nod. The thought of returning home and having nothing to play with is too much to bear. And Jack. How can I go on without Jack?

Drake smackes his whip against his leather-clad thigh. "No one takes our creator's toys and gets away with it."

"What can you do?" I ask, wiping away a tear. "There are so many of them. Echo, Phylis, Steph, and even Kerry! For all I know, all the Romancers are in on this."

Madison taps her fingernail against her teeth. "Why do you think they took her toys?"

Drake raises an eyebrow. "They want to be punished?"

Pushing up off of the spanking bench, I smile as an idea begins to form. "So they want to be punished, do they?"

I snap my fingers. My three vamps appear. Another snap and Tanner, my cowboy, appears. Resting my hands on my hips I take in the muscle bound studs lined up before me. "Lucian, find Phylis and bring her here. Tomas, you find Echo. Tanner, I'll let you bring Steph." I watch them leave then turn to Diego. The baddest of my vamps, he's also the hottest. "Diego, Kerry won't be easy to control. Out of all my men, I think you can handle her. Bring her to me. Now!"

After they are all gone, I turn to Drake and Madison. "Now, where were we?"