Saturday, February 25, 2006

Mina's Prophecy

Thought I'd post a poem I wrote for my erotic paranormal Hunting Diana. It's called Mina's Prophecy and puts a certain twist on what I feel is the greatest love story every told. Well, except the end. That I felt I had to change...

When stars burst free from sunlight's glare,
The moon regains its throne in air
The creatures of the night then whisper,
Our future changed when Dracula kissed her
The beast who once would kill for fun,
Gave up his life so she could run
God's Angels touched by love so pure,
Bestowed a gift of life secured

Now all his children once beast, once wild,
In Mina's Cove live meek and mild
And blood still holds a strong attraction,
But only when combined with passion

It is foretold a woman scorned
Shall risk it with a trusting pawn
A rose so pure, a rose so white
Will blind him with its brilliant light

The angels warn from high above
This peace we've won was based on love
If two do not unite as one,
We all will lose what we have won
(Copyright 2006 Doreen Orsini)


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